Friday, July 24, 2009

A Clutch Idea

We all love our massively oversized Chloe, Marc and YSL Carry-All’s but with summer warmth and chic light layering, why weigh down your ethereal vibe with the weight of your world literally on your shoulder? Go small, go clutch, this is the time of year to downsize to a simple statement bag.

There are some wonderful designer digs in the tiny purse world, but why not try out a vintage bad-boy from your local flee market… prices range from 5 buck-a-roonies to well lets just say cheap… and cheap is an awesome price to pay for having an original statement accessory.

I most recently went in search of clutches at the Fairfax Flee Market and was pleasantly surprised that pretty much every vendor offered a stellar selection of small bags… from boho chic to 80’s-Madonna-glam-lace to simple croc print leather…the styles were endless and damn cute.

So lighten up and grab yourself a cute clutch, because get real we all know that with sun-kissed cheeks and perfectly beached-up hair all we need is a dope shade of lip gloss and we’re ready to roll…

Peace and Love,
The Chiffon Buddha