Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dreaming in TechniColor

We all gravitate to beautiful colors, tints, tones and shades. Color is so emotional… so personal. One could look at a pair of basic khakis and see only a Banana Republic sign flashing in their mind, whereas the person seated next to them gazes into a pair of khakis and sees the sand covered dunes of Cape Cod, smells of salt water and drift wood dance around their nose, memories of grandmothers lemonade rushes their mouth and a Dave Matthews Band tune incessantly drums through their body and the happy toe tapping begins…


Yes, all of this from a color. We all have sensory rushes that are triggered from the world around us. So “how” do you ask, “does this relate to living a stylish lifestyle”? Color, whatever one or million you may choose, adds emotion, essence and style to clothing, home décor, entertainment, etc. Basically we create the “flava” of our style with multitudes of pallets.


A great way to know which colors to surround yourself with is by choosing colors that bring on peaceful, energetic, powerful, nostalgic, dreamer or inspired emotions. Too often people fear color and tend towards a uniform of black and white… don’t get me wrong we all love a perfect black cocktail dress for drinks on the town or a fabulous white gauze tunic for a summer beach outing… BUT THERE IS A WORLD OF COLOR OUT THERE AND IT IS DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Start observing what you are drawn to and bring them into your life via clothing, bedding fabrics, candles, throw pillows, even notebooks or daily planners to brighten your work day.


Pick up a camera and start photographing colors that you are drawn to or even go through magazines and tear out what we in the fashion world call “swipe” or “tear sheets” that inspire you and represent the colors you seek to incorporate into your every day looks. It is quite interesting what patterns of tonal similarity you will find in your color research.


I take my digital camera with me everywhere! It is the best tool in the world to help gather inspiration, remember looks, etc. Above are some photographs that I have taken in the past couple of weeks that truly translate into my personal apparel and home décor style.


Much Love and Peace,

The Chiffon Buddha