Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beginning

Every journey has a beginning. Our beginning should be an explanation of everything the Chiffon Buddha seeks to accomplish. This style advisor has been created to bring a plethora of fashion knowledge to those on the journey or seeking a creative, individual, stylish and exciting lifestyle. Many people think it takes a large bank account to fulfill these desires… in actuality it only takes a little help from an enlightened fashionista. Putting together your individual look can be as easy as opening the pages of a magazine, all that’s needed is to know the right places to go and maybe how to use a hot glue gun or two.


The Chiffon Buddha will bring you to local flea markets, arts and crafts stores, swap meets, even home depot in order to help you create the perfect wardrobes, gorgeous home d├ęcor, entertain in style and live creatively.


The Chiffon Buddha will introduce you to the hottest Music Guru around, Fluorescent Love. Fluorescent Love will bring you a new wave of sounds to compliment your new found lifestyle.


Much Love and Peace,

The Chiffon Buddha