Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Planet Blue Kill'n It SoCal Style

If you're not a Southern California Local no need to fret... Our local heavenly go-to retailer is online at
If you visit their site the opening page is a link to the stores top finds under $100 for the holidays!!!
Gotta love them looking out for the spend thrift in all of us...

Here are my top finds on the site:

This WildFox SS
Truly does this not remind us all of what we wore in 1993???
Oh yeah! Im all about channeling my inner 10 year old ...
10 year old me was SUPER FRESH!

Blue Life oversized T's are such an easy go to... I wear them like ...well every other day Im not gonna lie

Goddis Sheer Knit pants...
Excuse me could lounge wear get cuter?!?
I think not!!
Plus I hope everyone fully supports this line as the owner and designer is a wonderful woman and friend of our family!!!

This Malibu Rebel Yell T...
OK well if you ask those I spend my time with they'll laugh and claim they might think i have 10 of these ... but really Im lucky to have a washer and dryer in my apt so i can wear this all the time!!!
Its ultra comfy and a cool wide fit in case you miss a yoga class or two during the week and your six pack isnt as solid hahahahah